Tutorial: How to animate a .gif in GIMP

>Open Gimp

> Go to File– New

>Set height and width of the area you want to work in

>Go to the Layers toolbar–hit duplicate layers for however many frames you want in the .gif- renaming each layers makes the process a little easier.

>Make sure the ‘eye’ button next each layer is only on for the individual layer you are currently working with.

>On each layer go through drawing each frame of the .gif, with the drawing tools from the tool bar on the left.

> When you have your animation drawn out go to Filters–Animations–Playblack, then click play or stop and set the speed, this will let you preview the .gif.

> if you like what you see, go to Save as and named your image but make sure it ends with .gif

> Then go to File–Export as- select an export location and again make sure the name of the image ends in .gif.




Making an animation with scratch was surprisingly fun. It did take a while to get used using scratch and to really understand what you were doing, im still no where close to being comfortable with it, yet I was able to pick up some of the basic functions pretty easily. I think scratch is a great tool, I think it could especially have an impact in education. Teachers could make fun and quirky little animations that could go right along with the lesson plan. I know when I was younger a funny little animation would have been a better way to get my attention. At the bottom is the link to my little animation that is about a minute long.



Photoshop Phriday


The birth of Air Jordan in 88′, even Macaulay Culkin was shocked. This picture also shows the birth of a distinct 90’s culture.



Not only is London Calling by the Clash, one of the most well know album covers, it is probably one of the best albums of all time as well as one of my favorites. Adding Miles Davis, who is another one of my favorite musicians to the background in one of his iconic posses, not only shows my eclectic taste in music, it also shows the drastic transformation of music  in the 20th century.


Muhammad Ali, or Cassius Clay, standing up for what he believes in. Muhammad Ali was a conscientious object during the Vietnam while being the Heavy Weight Champion of the world. His case even went to the Supreme Court, where, like Ali always did in the ring, he won.



Code Academy HTML Basics I


After signing up for Codeacademy I was able to complete the HTML basics lesson as well as the build-your-own-website lesson. I really liked how easy codeacadmy was to use. The instructions were very clear and as you type and manipulate the code on the left part of the screen, the right side of the screen shows you what the changes are doing. Codeacademy takes you through the steps of HTML very slowly, which is a good thing, especially with code like this it is very important to have a solid base.




I signed up for Pinterest as a way to achieve the Pinterest achievement, but I am actually really glad I did this. Having spent 30 min or so exploring the site I think I will actually continue to use it. As someone who likes to look at art, Pinterest will be a great tool in being able to collect online pictures of painting I like and I can easily collect the painting into boards that can I can divide by period, artist, style or whatever I want.

Take a look at my account http://www.pinterest.com/sjardimt/


Reflection: Jane McGonigal

In February 2010, Jane McGonigal gave a very interesting talk entitled “Gaming Can Make A Better World.” McGonigal, a game designer for over 10 years makes a pretty compelling argument about the positive impact that gaming can have on the world. I thought it was very refreshing to hear someone talk about gamers and gaming culture in a positive manner. She describes gamers a problem solvers who have three very important characteristics. The three characteristics she describes are, as she calls them “Urgent Optimism”, “Blissful Productivity,” and “Epic Meaning.” Urgent optimism meaning that a gamer has a desire to act immediately and always understands they have a possibility to succeed. Blissful productivity, according to McGonigal means that gamers are actually happy to work hard in their virtual words; gamers and willing and capable to work and put in the necessary effort to achieve success. Finally, epic meaning is way for gamers to put value on the goals they undertake, so clearly these three characteristics together show the potential that gaming has to change the world. Personally, I would consider my self to be a gamer. While I have never gotten in the World of Warcraft, the game that McGonigal references in her talk, I have played online games particularly games such as the Sims, Total War, and Age of Empire  series on the PC, but also online console games such as FIFA, Call of Duty,  Grand Theft Auto, and many more. McGonigal states that the average gamer has reached 10,000 hours of playing by the age of 21. I am currently 21, and I am sure I have surpassed that.  I think it is interesting that she mentions three games that her company has produced as ways to help gamers start to look at real world problems through the medium of a virtual world.  I definitely think that McGonigal has a point, I do feel gamers have real skills that they have developed and these skills, which included the three characteristics that McGonigal mentions, can be used to solve real world problems. I also feel that many older people should watch McGonigals talk. I know my parents, who are much older (both in their mid to late 60’s) and have never really understood ‘gaming’, could start to learn more about the value gaming has.



Listicle: Five Reasons I Want to Teach Abroad in Korea Next Year


Chemistry Teacher with Students in Class


1) Experience


After I graduate from UMW in the spring, I want to go teach English abroad for a year or two. The first reason why I want to do this is to gain experience teaching. One day I do want to be able to teach high school history in the United States, but I have absolutely no experience teaching. Going abroad and teaching English would give me a chance to see how I would do managing a classroom and even gives me a chance to see if I would like standing in front of a room of kids all day. Teaching abroad will also be a great thing to have on a resume if I apply to be a teacher in the United States, down the road.

teaching english

2) Adventure

The second reason why I want to teach abroad next year is simply to have an adventure. I have not done a lot of traveling in my life so far, but the little that I have done has made me want to travel a lot more in the future. Going abroad to a country like Korea, would give me a chance to travel to a country that I have never be too before. Also Korea is obviously alot closer to other Asian countries than the United State, so being in Korea would give me the opportunity to do more traveling around Asia.

3) Culture Shock

The third reason I want teach in Korea is for a culture shock. Traveling to a country for a short visit is one thing, but living in a country like Korea for over a year would be a complete immersion into a completely different culture. Both of my parents spend a considerable amount of time abroad and have stated that the culture shock they experienced was very formative. Personally, I also feel that a change of pace would be very refreshing.


4) Saving

Working as a teacher in Korea would also be a way for me to save up money for graduate school later in life. I know I want to go to graduate school at some point after I graduate, and getting a job in Korea, where the cost of living is considerably lower than in the DC area, I would most likely be able to save more money.

5) Fun

Lastly, I feel like many of the previously mentioned reasons came come together for reason number five. Spending time in Korea teaching English, simply sounds like a fun thing to do. I feel like going to a beautiful country like Korea with have such an interesting culture and history would be a fun way to spend time after I graduate. I do not think I could match the level of fun I could have exploring Korea, here in the United States while gaining the same level of professional experience.



Listicle: My Five Favorite Movies (In No Particular Order)

5) Lawrence of Arabia (1962)


Directed by David Lean in 1962, “Lawrence of Arabia” is one of the truest examples of an epic. This film is one of my fathers favorite films and since I was very young we would watch it together, and soon it became one of my favorites as well. The film depicts the true story of a British officer during WWI, T.E. Lawrence, while stationed in Middle East during the war. Not only is the story compelling but the visuals are absolutely  stunning.  The acting of Peter O’Toole as Lawrence is also just as unforgettable.


4) Aguirre, The Wrath of God (1972)


Having first watched “Aguirre: The Wrath of God” in a high school film study course, I was instantly hooked. The look and feel of the film that the director, Werner Herzog created is simply amazing. The story, which follows a Spanish expedition of conquistadors on a deadly mission on the Amazon river, makes for one of most engrossing films I have ever seen. The imagery in “Aguirre” is something that makes this film a classic, and even was a part of the inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now.” The amazing acting performance of Klaus Kinski as the head conquistador, named Aguirre is another noteworthy aspect of the film.


3) Children of Men (2006)


Personally I feel that,  “Children of Men,” directed by Alfonso Cuaron in 2006, is one of the most underrated movies of the 2000’s. Even though I am not a big science fiction fan, the dystopian future that is the setting for this film, is not over the top and does not take anything away from the story. Set in the year 2027, when humans can no longer conceive children, the film follows the story of Theo, a man on a journey to save the future of the human race. With amazing performances from Clive Owen and Michael Caine, it is no wonder “Children of Men” has gained a cult following.

2) City of God (2002)


When I first watched this film on my own during one summer vacation during high school, I immediately replayed the DVD.  This kind of film was something that I had never seen before. This movie was also one of the first foreign films I had ever seen and is what really sparked my interest in film as more than just a way to pass time. The film chronicles the crime and violence of the favelas in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The result is a brutally honest yet artistic story. This is definitely a film to check out for your self.


1) No Country for Old Men (2007)no-country-for-old-men

The most recent film on my list, “No Country for Old Men.” based on the book by Cormac McCarthy, will in my opinion go down in history as a classic. My list definitely needed to have a film by the Cohen brothers, and “No Country for Old Men” is probably my favorite Cohen brothers flick (though “Fargo” and “Miller’s Crossing” could easily be on this list as well).  The story depicts the journey of three men, Llewelyn Moss a hunter who comes across a stash of drug money while hunting,  Anton Chigurch a serial killer hell bent on getting the money from Moss, and Sheriff Bell the county Sheriff who tacks both Chigurch and Moss across Texas. I like everything about this film, the acting is amazing, the story is thrilling and engaging, and the directing is superb. 


Listicle: My Five Favorite Current Soccer Players.

5) Kyle Walker


Age: 23, Position: Defender,  Club: Tottenham Hotspur

     Since I am a supporter of Tottenham, Walker will not be the only Spur on my list. Yet it is not just his club that has earned Walker a spot in my top-5, his speed and attacking capabilities as a defender make him very exciting to watch on the pitch. At only 23 years old and already having made 86 appearances for Tottenham,  Walker is surely has one of the brightest futures of any English defender.

4)  Vlad Chiriches


Age: 24, Position: Defender, Club: Tottenham Hotspur

     Another young Spurs defender with a bright future is the Romanian center back Vlad Chiriches. Having joined the club in the past summer’s transfer window, Chiriches has quickly become not only one of the most capable defenders on Tottenham but also in the entire EPL. Chiriches has been known to make some very risky and daring tackles that have been very effective so far this season, which is why he has earned the number four spot in my list.

3) Paul Pogba


Age: 20, Position: Midfield, Club: Juventus

     One of the most exciting young players in the world, Pogba has exploded on the football/soccer scene since arriving to the Italian club Juventus from Manchester United in 2012. Even on a team with big names in the midfield, like Pirlo, Marchisio, and Vidal, the 20-year-old Pogba has made a name for himself.  Pogba’s unique ability to do it all, both offensively and defensively at such a young age is why he has earned such a high spot on my list. Keep you’re on this young Frenchman, his stock will only rise.

2) Landon Donovan


Age: 31, Position: Forward, Club: L.A. Galaxy

     Landon Donovan has earned the second spot in my list simply because what he has done for American Soccer. Donovan is not only the all-time goal scorer for the U.S. Men’s National Team but also the all-time assists leader and has the second most appearances in the teams history. His play in the MLS is equally proficient. Donovan is all-time goal scorer for the MLS and has won the MLS Cup five different times.

1) Cristiano Ronaldo


Age: 28, Position: Attacker, Club: Real Madrid

     And the number one spot goes to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese captain is currently in the best form of his exceptional career, and is considered by many, including myself, to be the best player in the world. Ronaldo is clearly one of the all-time greatest players and goal scorers. Some of his free kick for both Real Madrid and his former club Manchester United will never be forgotten. Born in Funchal, Madeira, the same small town as my great grandfather, Ronaldo has been the key to success for both his clubs and the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo is simply one of the most exciting players to watch in the world.



This blog will cover and touch upon all the things I feel passionate about, art, history, film, sports, and whatever else I may find interesting.